Attention: Executives in Transition

If you’re someone going through career or job change (hint: all of us at any given time), following are some not so subtle tips on how to manage transition:

1.) Clarity is leadership. Be absolutely clear with your intentions even if you don’t know what they are. Taking time off? Fine, do so with a stated purpose and specific time frame. Periods of transition are the last time to be unclear about what you’re trying to accomplish.
2.) Lose the money obsession. Now, this isn’t to say leave money on the table, or in BellSouth’s case, forgo a lucrative severance package for an unproven opportunity. That’s not the point. De-emphasize money on your list of considerations. Most motivation driven solely by money ends up wreaking havoc later.
3.) Help and serve others. The natural tendency during uncertainty is to focus on Self at all costs. But this is bone-headed for multiple reasons. Help others, and new paths will unwind. Don’t become over-isolated or consumed with reflection.
4.) Passion and purpose. Passion and purpose are two of the most widely cited yet misunderstood variables of job and career change. Yes, you need to get excited about what you do everyday. But that doesn’t mean passion is a cure all. “Life’s purpose” also is a career myth. What we’re doing today is purpose for all intents and purposes (no pun intended.)
5.) Career? What career? Consult any successful figure. Chances are they’ll tell you while they may have had a career in the conventional sense, it never seemed that way because they were pursuing something much more meaningful.

These tips are brought to you by Jeremy Garlington, managing partner of Point of View, LLC. For more information, please visit or reach him directly at 404-606-0637. Thanks for reading. Good luck managing your transition.