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Okay, so “The Garlington Report” was the first to call the Delta CEO announcement. That’s a fact that a few have noticed. For the record, however, we were factually incorrect on at least one specific: COO Whitehurst will not resign effective immediately. Timing is beside the point as conveyed to Fortune (go to Talent… Read more »

Delta to name new CEO later today

ATLANTA (August 21, 2007) — Delta Airlines will name current board member Richard Anderson CEO in an official company announcement later today, according to undisclosed source close to the company. Ed Bastian, current CFO, will be named president, and current chief operating officer (COO), Jim Whitehurst, will resign effective immediately. Daniel Carp will remain non-executive… Read more »

Nardelli Hit Parade

It’s hard to recall a more galvanizing executive appointment than Bob Nardelli being named CEO of Cerebrus’ Chrysler. No lack of opinions or views. Here’s mine: Not many get that level of second chance, particularly after what he left in his wake at Home Depot. The original tag to this story was, “Failing Upward.”… Read more »