Monthly Archives: October 2007

Merrill Lynch CEO Snooze Fest

In the realm of CEO turnover, the pending dismissal of Merrill Lynch CEO Stanley O’Neal is a real “So What” snooze fest. Here’s why: 1.) Nothing will really change from a leadership point of view. ML will get a new guy, maybe BlackRock’s Mr. Fink. He’ll talk a good game, hire a few new faces,… Read more »

CEO Turnover: From Watch to Oust

Throw out the first ceremonial board pitch. Let the compensation pigskins fly. CEO turnover season is here. The resignation of Gary Forsee, the now former CEO of Sprint, ushers in that rare time of year when boards conclave to “assess” their CEO leadership. Proxies are being written and rehashed, and for a chosen few, axes… Read more »