Monthly Archives: June 2008

Three Cheers for Steenland!

It’s a rare moment when a corporate CEO shows public conviction of his or her beliefs. So we’re delighted to recognize Northwest CEO Doug Steenland and his testimony on oil prices held this week on Capitol Hill. To quote directly from today’s Wall Street Journal, A–4 for you old school print readers: …Steenland endorsed banning… Read more »

The Big Brown Rule

According to an anonymous source, Wachovia Corp. will select privately held search firm Spencer Stuart to lead an external CEO search. The bank cited the firm’s strong credentials in banking and current track record helping other stalwarts such as Delta and Yahoo.* “The Garlington Report” also has learned that this move will not only produce… Read more »

HD: Where’s the real fix?

‘Dark night of change.’ ‘End is near when memories outlive dreams.’ ‘Best of times, worst of times.’ Shall we continue or has the cliche meter clicked loudly enough already? For more passive business news readers, all of the previous phrases have now been offered by Home Depot’s executive brass so far this summer. Sorry, but… Read more »