HD: Where’s the real fix?

‘Dark night of change.’ ‘End is near when memories outlive dreams.’ ‘Best of times, worst of times.’

Shall we continue or has the cliche meter clicked loudly enough already? For more passive business news readers, all of the previous phrases have now been offered by Home Depot’s executive brass so far this summer.

Sorry, but cute little quotables have a way of obfuscating a larger issue.

Someone needs to step up and answer two main questions: When the housing market bottoms, which it will, where will the company be? What are the number one, number two and number three things that you’re doing to make sure equity value returns to the bottom line?

Time to turn the page, folks. Present a real vision. Quit blaming the market. Leadership is about the future, not the past. Getting back to “the Home Depot culture” is impossible.

Or to use a jingle from an old preamble: Yesterday is gone forever; tomorrow is yet to be. But where are you going to be? Fully mature, trying to find original DNA or re-positioned to win the do-it-yourself market at all costs?

Message to the board: If you can’t answer these questions publicly or find leaders who can, then it’s time to evaluate whether you’re headed in the right direction. Plain and simple.

Or keeping with the subject’s affinity to quip, “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

# # #