Monthly Archives: September 2008

Is political leadership over as we know it?

Let’s start at the top on the $700 billion financial bailout or whatever you want to call it: President Bush. Done. End of story. Treasury Secretary Henry “Hank” Paulson. A bit better but suffering from an incurable disease: Perceived ties to investors on the street formerly known as Wall, which has destroyed the public interest… Read more »

Fear is not an option

Perusing today’s news is enough to make any reasonably minded business person gag. Two New York Times pieces, in particular, about how media are tempering what they say and how advertisers are trying to decide whether to ramp up advertising in the wake of last week’s, uh, negative turn of events. No wonder… Read more »


Evidently, some readers thought Tuesday’s “Where was the Lehman board?” post was a copycat of a much better rendition that was originally posted Monday on the Wall Street Journal’s Deals blog. Go to if you would like to review a copy. You also can read the same exact copy that appeared online Monday in… Read more »

Where was the Lehman board?

What do a theatrical producer, retired Rear Admiral and the long ago retired CEO of IBM have in common? It’s not a trick question. But you might mistake the answer for the punch line of a bad joke. The answer is they’re all now former members of the Lehman Brothers board of directors. The entire… Read more »

Memo to Ken Lewis

“Overnight, the shotgun merger will transform Bank of America into the nation’s largest player in wealth management.” — New York Times, September 15, 2008 “Acquiring one of the premier wealth management, capital markets, and advisory companies is a great opportunity for our shareholders,” Mr. Lewis said in a statement. “Together, our companies are more valuable… Read more »

Life after Linked In?

Here’s a link to a conference we’re taking part in this week: Our session, scheduled as the conference’s final panel discussion, is titled, “Recruiting and Social Media…Interactive dialogue with the experts.” This probably should be re-named, “The Business of Social Media: What’s Worked vs. What Hasn’t and Why.” But we digress. The only real… Read more »