Live blogging: Banking bigs testify

So today is the day when the large bank heads face Congress. Here’s hoping it’s not the day the banking music died. While we’re only in the introductory portion, did it ever occur to these guys that it’s not all about them? More to the point, how the overall environment can be addressed and how their small piece fits into a larger picture? Mack is the only one that’s shown any emotional intelligence so far. Pandit is the only one expressing a sense of urgency while acknowledging the public first, his bank second (cynics will say that’s because he has the worst balance sheet to defend.) Pandit also is taking personal responsibility, which is a refreshing change. The rest have waxed on about themselves at the expense of providing any real solutions for where we go from here. That’s not exactly leadership from the private sector, which is in desperately short supply. Set the self serving prepared texts aside, please. It’s time to figure out how you and your banks find a solution — preferably before government assumes more control than they already have.

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