Monthly Archives: March 2009

Make that Four Boards to watch in full

In early January, we listed five boards to watch in full. See post: Now that one of them, GM, has been involuntarily forced to replace their CEO, we’re down to four. When and where will the next shoe drop? Stay tuned. While currently flat, high profile turnover will increase in the months ahead. If… Read more »

Undeniable truth

Following is reprinted from our client newsletter, “The Pointe.” Based on the high direct response rate, we’re posting a copy to share more widely. Thanks for continuing to read, JG. ====================================== Lost within the AIG bonus and big banking mess lies an undeniable truth. You can’t dictate proper behavior. Rules don’t create an incentive to… Read more »

Revamp to Nowhere

So Citigroup is revamping its board under the direction of change agent, Chairman Richard Parsons. Yawn. Stretch. Rub those eyes. Here’s our slate of nominees, which we thoroughly researched and arrived at after careful contemplation. Or as much as Spencer Stuart will likely do over the next six months while they collect a handsome fee… Read more »