Take this jet and shove it

So we’re based in Atlanta but have to receive something called the PE Week Wire to keep up with what’s going on locally at The Weather Channel. Amazing. Here’s the latest installment on CEO largess: http://www.nypost.com/seven/05062009/business/wrong_forecast_167802.htm?dlbk

Someone at NBC, preferably in a leadership not pencil headed management role, needs to step up and straighten out this broken process. Since buying the Weather Channel with a private equity consortium, the National Broadcasting Corporation has left their newest portfolio gem high and dry without effective leadership. First a long-timer named Deborah Wilson moved out while handing the job to interim help. Now they can’t decide who should be CEO. The gap is beginning to show. From things as simple as lacking live storm coverage and programming to things as complex as leading through the toughest business climate in history, TWC has demonstrated all the signs of a rudderless ship.

Now some greedy former network hand wants to cover private flying privileges as a pre-requisite for the top job. Can we say completely out of touch? Where’s the board, or better yet, is there a board to hold management accountable? Worse yet, why wasn’t this story reported locally by the daily newspaper otherwise known as the Atlanta Journal & Constitution? Oh, that’s right. They’ve re-designed and folded business coverage into another section — not to mentioned launched a sexy new ad campaign. Wish we could say that’s going to lead to more vigilance on shenanigans like what’s been laid out here.

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