Monthly Archives: June 2009

How much does Henry Kravis get?

Talk about a complex story reported completely different ways. What’s a poor blogger to do? The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has buried their original Money and Investing cover piece, “KKR Stock is Coming, via Europe” on — to the point where it appears they’re intentionally trying to de-emphasize the original story even if that’s… Read more »

In the nick of time

It’s about time someone at a local leadership level woke up and did something in the public’s interest. DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis has asked the county’s development authority to delay a decision that would have rewarded $52 million in tax abatement to an out-of-town developer trying to finish the next great mixed used park… Read more »

Au contraire, Mr. Rattner

Tuesday’s selection of Edward E. Whitacre, Jr. to be Chairman of the “new GM” is starting to make a little more sense after reading today’s story by Michelle Maynard at The New York Times. Auto Czar Steve Rattner was behind the decision to appoint Whitacre, according to the Times. Which still begs the question:… Read more »

Incredibly good take — wish it were ours I don’t normally fully endorse other POVs, but this fellow consultant is really on to something here. Those holding senior-level management and leadership positions would be well versed to read AND apply these points.

Big search firms live on — for now

Love ’em or hate ’em, the large retained executive recruiting firms remain standing. Two in particular, Spencer Stuart and Heidrick & Struggles, are active at the highest levels, making daily headlines with General Motors (GM), AIG and Freddie Mac. Spencer Stuart is remaking the GM board after the company named Edward J. Whitacre, Jr. chairman…. Read more »

Stuck in a time machine

Is is it just us, or do Fortune 50 board-level matters feel stuck in a time machine? Pick your exhibit: The so called Chairman of change at the new General Motors (GM), Bank of America (BofA) recently hired slate of directors or the proverbial AIG mix and match. Each has their own set of challenges…. Read more »