Monthly Archives: July 2009

Obama’s missed mandate

Government meddling with business ranks as the worst idea of the Great Recession (GR), according to a unscientific poll taken this month by the TGR. More specifically — what the Obama administration has done and has proposed to do. And yes, that includes health care reform despite widespread agreement that something has to be done…. Read more »

Weather Channel picks non-TVer as CEO

So one of Atlanta’s hottest brands, okay, formerly hot media properties, The Weather Channel, has settled on a TV industry outsider as their new CEO. According to the New York Times,, former venture capital advisor and publisher Michael J. Kelly will now serve in the company’s top leadership role. Interesting choice for several reasons:1.)… Read more »

Ketchup kings and CEO comp.

You have to hand it to Goldman Sachs. They made “money the old fashioned way” and the new way. Good for them. Standard corporations, however, continue to offer a different shade to the much maligned public issue otherwise known as CEO pay. Latest example that has a personal twist (shareholder since 2005): Heinz Chairman, President… Read more »