Monthly Archives: August 2009

“It was never about him”

Safe to say you won’t find a more moving tribute to a friend than what Vice President Joe Biden conveyed earlier today on the passing of Sen. Edward Kennedy. Say what you will about our political process. Just don’t confuse the messenger with the message when it comes to tributes. What Vice President Biden conveyed… Read more »

Insidious trend

So let’s say you’re a former CEO who moves into private equity. Before doing so, you help run a major company into the ground by leveraging up via acquisition when that same company needed to be paring down costs and changing its processes. Granted you did cut costs when losses started to mount. But that… Read more »

Red rover, red rover, send Sallie over

(Editor’s note: This column only represents the author’s views, which are blogging by nature. Tinges of sarcasm are subject to safe harbor statement protection and do not intend to offend or misinform.) In a largely unexpected move underscoring significant change, Bank of America (BofA) today appointed former Citi CFO and practice head Sallie Krawcheck as… Read more »