Monthly Archives: December 2009

Bold truth — from an unlikely source

Rarely has a bold truth come ringing out of a Sunday talk show during the holidays. And rarely have so few words implicated so many with such little fanfare. As the usual year-end imagery gathers on TV and the Internet, it’s highly unlikely the comments of Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick will make the final cut…. Read more »

Introducing the new Fleet BofA

Well, at least it’s done. Bank of America Corp.’s board whiffed by selecting an insider/outsider, but thankfully, the publicly bungled succession process is finally over. Look soon for spin on the new Bank of America, which will resemble the old with a new “fleeting” influence. ‘Fleeting’ is a bad play on words referring to the… Read more »

BofA: Where’s the new CEO?

The Bank of America Corp. (BofA) CEO search drags on. First the board said through a spokesperson that they were going to have a candidate in October. Then Thanksgiving came and went. Now the deadline is first quarter 2010. According to the Wall Street Journal, the bank’s board is meeting today but they likely will… Read more »