Monthly Archives: June 2010

Giving credit where credit is due

So the BP board has taken action. According to their Chairman who appeared at the White House yesterday to make the following statement (and gaffe), http:// the board has decided to:1.) Postpone payment of the stock dividend for the remainder of 2010 and2.) They’ve appointed (actually, the government has) what’s called an “adjudicator” to oversee… Read more »

Live blogging the oil bigs

It never ceases to amaze how much selfish self interest continues to rule the executive ranks. This morning’s testimony by the oil industry big wigs screams for a better message. The testimony, which the Times reports on here:, begs for acknowledgement of at least one reality: Whether they like it or not, BP’s mess… Read more »

BP: Same old questions, no better answer

As Day 52 passes on the nation’s worst-ever environmental crisis, it’s time to understand how leadership situations such as this one are allowed to manifest into full blown disasters. This posting will not attempt to do what the legions of other more talented hands have done to encapsulate events. No individual blame will be placed,… Read more »