Monthly Archives: August 2010

‘Calmer-in-chief’: My language, not theirs

Range of response to publicity never ceases to amaze. Earlier a friend suggested that “I wrote the AJC story.” Uh, no, I contributed to the story, which the reporter wrote. Here’s a link in case by some small electronic media chance you missed it: And yes, the term “calmer-in-chief” was created precisely for this… Read more »

H-P CEO Follies: Let the games begin

So another CEO, this one a high performing, successful operator, has bitten the dust due to character flaws. In typical form, the gaggle now is about who will be former HP CEO Mark Hurd’s long-term replacement. Candidates galore are mentioned with rampant speculation. Following the normal and expected playbook, the company’s board says it will… Read more »