Monthly Archives: July 2011

Lost dignity of work

The oldest employment rule in the book is it’s better to have a job when looking for another job. No one can argue that truth except of course if you’re someone who needs to close one door to open another or you’re stuck in the crosswinds of structural change. Fast forward to the present or… Read more »

Just do something, please (Part II)

While the last TGR post laid out fallacies of taking a macro-approach to the jobs issue, this installment speaks to why it’s nearly impossible to find actionable common sense among leaders in the public square. Following is an anecdote to help explain the case. A client and friend runs a small business in Decatur, GA…. Read more »

The Garlington Report (TGR) Top leadership blogs Niche bloggers normally bask in obscurity, flourishing in the weeds as they wait to pounce on gaps or scoops otherwise not covered by mainstream media. Until of course they’re recognized. Here’s our own latest example via blog aggregator/evaluator, The Daily Reviewer. See link for more background: TGR… Read more »