Monthly Archives: September 2011

HP: Interim to permanent CEO

Who says rock star CEOs are dead? The expected announcement that former EBay CEO and current H-P board member Meg Whitman will become CEO of Hewlett Packard (HP) underscores how much personal brand power matters in tumultuous crisis situations. Normally when there’s turnover and the preceding position holder came from outside the company, Fortune 100… Read more »

HP: Turmoil = Interim CEO or acting director

As presciently forecasted last year —, Hewlett Packard remains mired in turmoil. Latest case in point: News that the company’s maligned board will replace their third CEO of the last six years. While no one knows publicly yet what the company and its board will do next, it’s fairly certain that an interim CEO… Read more »

When Brian Met Sally; 10 steps to recovery

One of the most powerfully perceived women in business, Sallie Krawcheck, has essentially lost her job for the second time in three years. According to today’s Wall Street Journal, Krawcheck has been forced out of her position at Bank of America Corp. (BofA) following a consolidation of power by CEO Brian Moynihan. This follows a… Read more »