Monthly Archives: January 2012

On-line networking: Friend or foe?

Dear Clients and Colleagues: By way of personal testimony, I’m going to address a growing issue in the on-line marketplace, or more specifically business networking. A trusted friend recently introduced a former colleague facing an inflection point. This person wasn’t looking for immediate change per se; he wanted an objective framework for asking questions —… Read more »

Fate or Coincidence?

The death of former Penn State Coach Joe Paterno, or JoePa to die hard fans, has created its share of second guessing surrounding what amounts now to a tainted legacy. Barely noted deep within the obituaries lies an interesting fact that draws parallels with another former coaching legend, Paul “Bear” Bryant, the famed Alabama coach…. Read more »

Yahoo: Nothing ever changes when it comes to brand name executive search

Yahoo’s recent CEO appointment, picked nicely from PayPal, and the subsequent decision to revamp the company’s board underscores how little things change when it comes to how big companies recruit and select talent. First, the CEO appointment. This decision was obviously needed following the blow-up of the former CEO, Carol Bartz, who basically told her… Read more »

Republican candidates usher in post-branding era

Don’t look now but the BCS championship-like race for the Republican presidential nomination is ushering in the post-branding era. What does that mean? The traditional methods of branding, such as communicating a consistent message over time, have been replaced by pressure to get to the core faster than ever before anyone changes their minds. Audiences… Read more »

Hardly coincidental

The re-ascendancy of Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz to Fortune magazine’s top executive ranking comes as no surprise. His company, or should we say the existing one he was hired into and then proceeded to re-invent, is a household name and just completed a record year of revenues and profits. It seems as though customers are… Read more »