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Executive Search: Land of the lost fight over shrinking pie

A recent spin through familiar territory has yielded enough material to warrant posting. Disclaimer: TGR once considered morphing into an executive search industry newsletter, but thanks to other intervening events, plans were shelved. To understand both real and perceived value of executive search, you have to trace brand name CEO turnover situations, such as what recently took… Read more »

Do you just want to be Facebook friends?

Note: Following is a monthly client letter distributed via email earlier today.Dear Clients and Colleagues: As the world now seems to revolve around the newly public enterprise called Facebook instead of the sun, it’s virtually impossible not to pose a question that deserves a better answer (see subject line.) First some trademark perspective. The social media… Read more »

Yahoo takeway: Time to restate resumes

By now the business world has learned the inevitable: Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson has resigned due to pressures stemming from fabricating or “over-inflating” a computer science degree on his resume. The crime, however, is never as bad as the cover-up. Thompson’s defense that he essentially didn’t know about the infraction until a 2004 vetting process when… Read more »