Monthly Archives: July 2012

Chick-fil-A: Stop the statements

So Chick-fil-A has issued yet another statement on their committment to biblical principles. Here’s a link: in case you haven’t already seen the statement. It essentially says nothing new other than re-affirming what’s already been stated, which begs the question why make a statement? They’ve also re-inserted Truett Cathy, Sr., by name into the mix, which is not advisable. Here’s… Read more »

Coke: Corporate-speak

So the Coca-Cola Company announced some management changes today and the creation of two new super jobs, which essentially replicate old consolidated jobs into two new bottles. It’s amazing sometimes to consider what the company known as Coke garners from an attention point of view. Here’s an excerpt from the company’s release that highlights what… Read more »

Chick-fil-A: Love thy neighbor, eat more chicken

Have you ever stepped in doo-doo and wished you hadn’t? That sentiment defines the public imbroglio over Chick-fil-A and President Dan Cathy’s recent clarification of the company’s views on marriage. The clarification, which was followed by a cold company statement that was basically perceived as “hey, wait a second, some of our best customers are gay,” has created a… Read more »

Must see and read new blogger

Preston William Huey, Jr., better known as Bill, has officially entered the blogosphere. Why is this significant you may ask? Well, for starters, he’s a great friend and inspiring source of ideas and wisdom. His continuing presence both on-line and off-line has proven enriching to the TGR blog as well as supporting businesses. Bill is one of… Read more »