Monthly Archives: August 2012

Yahoo#: “We need to see winning CEOs, not more failures”

Note: This post originally appeared in 2012 when Yahoo was in the hunt for a COO, or number two to then CEO, Marissa Mayer. Yahoo was sold to Verizon earlier this week. Yahoo is searching far and wide for a new chief operating officer (COO), according to All Things Digital’s Kara Swisher, Where they’ll look,… Read more »

Best Buy#: CEO Joly branded before even beginning

A friend who consults with Best Buy passed along the following tidbit yesterday: “Everyone is jazzed up. New CEO (Hubert Joly) was at headquarters today (Minneapolis). Isn’t high visibility what leadership is about during times of distress?” My sarcastic “does he have his work visa yet?” reply aside, the obvious across the board response is, “Yes!” The Best Buy case,… Read more »

First, you have to be a guru

Ram Charan is largely viewed as one of the most influential advisors and prolific writers ever to consult for a living. His latest views withstanding,, Charan’s cult status points to relatively new realities in senior-level leadership circles that seem worth pointing out: 1.) While it still counts for a great deal, advisors no longer have to be “in the… Read more »

Chick-fil-A: Unintentional endorsement? Attached is what looks to be an unintentional endorsement for free speech from a Georgia Tech dean who happens to be gay. This is the type of discourse that a company under attack welcomes freely. Not all the echo chamber appreciation and kiss in days that media salivate over. A couple months ago, a disillusioned manager at Goldman Sachs… Read more »