Monthly Archives: April 2013

Executive Search#: Growing, declining or staying the same?

What does a industry do when it doesn’t know the answer to its own questions? It puts out reports like the ones that surfaced earlier this week from HSZ Media, and related report from the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC.) According to HSZ run by Christopher Hunt and Scott Scanlon, executive search is growing in North America but declining globally. The AESC… Read more »

#Final Four/Pitino: “Life is cyclical”

It’s hard not to pay attention when Rick “Fellowship of the Miserable” Pitino speaks up on national TV. Here’s a guy who has had it all and also has had it all come crushing down. Pitino is not a statesman on par with say Coach K at Duke or the late John Wooden at UCLA, and he doesn’t have… Read more »