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Microsoft CEO Search: Live blogging (facetious)

Following was overheard between Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and retiring CEO Steve Ballmer in Redmond, Wash., earlier this week before Gates fired up The Founder’s Jet for Davos and the World Economic Forum (WEF.) Gates: So, Steve, how are we coming along with your replacement? Ballmer: I don’t know, man. We’ve got a lot of… Read more »

Great advice from new GM CEO

By now, unless you’ve been living under a rock in Nepal, you probably are aware that General Motors named a woman to be CEO late last year. Her name is Mary Barra and she’s the first female executive to run a major car company. In an ABC News interview celebrating GM’s double coup, winning top car and truck at this year’s… Read more »

Microsoft CEO Search: Score one for fleeting loyalties The Wall Street Journal is first again with what now seems like an obvious development in the Microsoft CEO saga: After one of the most public non-pursuit pursuits of a brand name executive job in recent history, Ford’s Alan Mulally has “ended his flirtation” with the top job. According to the Journal, he evidently was disappointed with leaks emanating… Read more »

2014 Battle Royale: Specialists vs. Generalists

Editor’s Note: This originally appeared as a client e-letter last month. December 23, 2013 Dear Clients and Colleagues: As the year winds down, here are a couple questions to consider for 2014: Are you a specialist or a generalist? Better yet, do you know when the difference matters? Here is a personal anecdote to help… Read more »