Monthly Archives: February 2015

DHR/CT Partners Merger: Who cares?

Generally speaking, when owners of a business form a committee to consider their “strategic options,” everyone needs to take cover or head for the exits because it’s a clear sign no one knows what they’re doing. Except, of course, if you represent middle market firms active in executive search, or Search as the industry’s long-time players… Read more »

Dupont: Quote of the year (even though it’s early) Following is a quote from a governance expert commenting on recently disclosed stock sales by Dupont CEO Ellen Kullman, which coincided with activist Nelson Peltz’s announcement that he and his firm, Trian, were seeking a split of Dupont’s main businesses as well as additional board seats. The Dupont board rejected Peltz’s board ideas earlier this week…. Read more »

#Hash Tag — you’re it#

Note: Following was originally distributed as a client letter on February 6, 2015.   Dear Clients and Colleagues:   Did you know that more than half of the ads in the most watched, highest socially engaged Super Bowl earlier this week contained a hash tag? If you ask, “What’s a hash tag do?” then you’re behind the curve. If… Read more »

DHR and CT Partners: Search Dwarfs in Alley Fight

When you’re supposed to be the “highly esteemed, trusted advisor” to major companies and their boards, nothing is more unseemly than when bad hubris breaks out over your own business practices. Unfortunately, this is the case with this week’s reported hostile bid being made by DHR International to acquire CT Partners in a cash offer of $60… Read more »