#Lead it forward: Send it in!

Credit: Pinnacle Performance Champions

#Lead it forward will attempt to compile, and then distill and publish, a list of leaders who exemplify paying it forward. Unlike the political realm, where it’s all about serving an agenda, #Lead it forward will attempt to gather examples of those who have paid something forward for someone else or a greater cause. That something could be a business referral, encouragement, access and/or special gift that otherwise isn’t known. Examples don’t necessarily need to be brand or boldfaced names in the news.  Here’s a literal example to get things going:


Tammy Carnahan owns the blog URL, Lead it Forward. She’s been a teacher, principal, and now serves as a human resource instructor, according to her profile. TGR does not know Tammy, per se, but definitely would like to first recognize her as a leader who literally leads it forward.

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