Complimentary late summer reading

August now marks the late peak of summer vacation season, which means everyone has already picked out their favorite popular title from the Amazon Kindle rack. Or whatever they’re calling the container these days.


Let us be clear: This is not a best reads book list. It’s a short burst listing of relevant blog postings compiled over time, which now counts 12 years of active practice-driven work, results and reflections. There’s obviously an entire book in here, but that’s not worth getting into right now.

This listing is designed to educate the uninitiated on career change, executive transition and everything else that falls between the two, which thankfully isn’t that much. There’s on exception on the list, which falls under the category of eternal personal branding, an art that none of us have mastered.

We’ve heard our fair share of whines, wishes and pleas when it comes to the presidential election so leadership also makes an appearance on this summer list.

1.) Pain points are really what drive business in professional services. No one valuable generally gets hired when everything is going peachy keen. It generally requires great pain for another party to step forward and ask for help. The ones who do advance rightfully, the ones who don’t, well, they just keep doing the same, taking drugs and hoping for a different outcome. Having said all that, no one likes to discuss much less admit pain points unfortunately until it’s abundantly obvious.

2.) This posting was done all the way back in April. The first point, or call to action, was to quit obsessing over Donald Trump. It’s always good to see others taking our advice (yes, there is sarcasm in that last statement.) The posting directly following this one, which wasn’t included on the list, also emphasized the importance of publicly stating support for one of the two candidates. There hasn’t been much of that either so consider this race the really loud yet quietly helpless election. May the least worst person win!

3.) This posting is personal and about a figure who remains a standout despite age, retirement and what comes with both milestones. One of his most famous placements, Bob Nardelli, was the butt of some jokes during a market-based conversation just this morning. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving. Gerry Roche put high-end, highly visible brand name executive search on the map. Period. We won’t see another like him ever.  Who can say the same?

4.) Anyone experiencing a reactive or proactive job change situation would be wise to take some time and understand the differences between pivots and forks in the road. Learn how to recognize both and you’re already two steps ahead. Key is to at least take the first step, which as some famous Chinese philosopher once said, begins the journey of a thousand miles. Can someone send the golf cart, please?

5.) Framing a new story, or narrative, strikes at the essence of rebranding. It’s a core service of the consultancy, but more importantly, the exercise helps move you forward in the eyes of others. Everyone has a story, btw. Some are just better at telling it or have the wisdom to know when they need help doing so.

6.) The image of Homer Simpson eating donuts probably made this one of the top read blogs of the year. But the listing stands on its own and represents synthesis of the many rules and tips that now fill the usual channels with noise.

Hope this helps round out your summer reading and contributes to some well earned rest. Feel free to comment back here or send along to someone whom who think could benefit from the message. Thanks for reading,