Now what? Considerations for everyday leaders.

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No upside in PC war. Political correctness is dead, long live PC. Cultural war chests are being reloaded at unprecedented levels. Avoid at all costs; there is zero upside in the public square. Just don’t forget the value of sharing views with those who you care about, especially in this highly divisive climate. Here’s a great quote from Martin Luther King, Jr, pulled from a friend’s Facebook post: “In the end, we will not remember the lies of our enemies but silence from our friends.” (Courtesy: J. Gray) 

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Trump Effect. Time Magazine‘s Person of the Year, an old dying influence measure if there ever was one, will be announced this morning. It has to be President-Elect Trump, right? Who else could it be? Your call, but for house money, it could easily be a hybrid figure of all races, genders and titles named Sir/Madame Disruption. If you haven’t met this person, you will sometime.


Listen, Linda! Consider a simple act: Listening, or more specifically, listen to someone who is different than you. We could use more active listening for sure. Going another step, diversity for diversity’s sake needs an update. The fact is fewer women are filling CEO jobs. Despite the platitudes, conferences, studies and reporting — which admittedly has helped move the needle up from zero over the past 25 years — women currently hold less than five percent of CEO jobs among companies in the S&P 500, according to Catalyst The c-suite and board picture is improving but not quickly enough to change this glaring fact-based imbalance. Doubt the veracity here? Try engaging the complex that has made diversity an industry with honest dialogue. Or better yet, try doing so as a white, middle-aged man. A casual observer/TGR reader recently commented: “We got tired talking about it (diversity.”)  Can we agree to disagree on Diversity Fatigue as a new heading?

Truth remains stranger than fiction. With due respect to great journalists, such as David Ignatius,, what is post-truth, or what so many are writing and talking about since the election? 

At a more down here on Earth level, who can we believe anymore? Government? No. Monolithic Media? No. You? Maybe. Me? Sure, why not? Google? Facebook? Uh, if you answered the latter, then please sit down and gather your own thoughts — should any still exist.

Dead broke. Media and pollsters proved on Election Night that the election industrial complex is dead broke, but similar to previous cycles, what’s emerged remains a hodge podge mess of stuff that’s discovered on-line now more than ever. Despite this confusing emerging model, leaders are supposed to initiate truth so please spend some time forming a better process in your sphere of influence. Initiating truth may be the new George Patton mandate: Lead, follow or get out of the way. First step: Know the truth, or at least be committed to searching.

Mitt Romney and Trump, eating frog legs
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Trump Effect (continued.) Vision speak will now take a back seat to bottom-lines, first-hand story/visuals and competing sets of facts (and half truths, distortions, lies, etc.), which probably never will get in the way of a good argument ever again. If you’re still communicating in grandiose terms with long quotes from names such as Washington and Lincoln, then please consider breaking things down. The days of soaring oratory are over. At least until the next perceived savior floats onto the scene.

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