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Renewed call

It’s now a norm. Something bad happens in the cultural zeitgeist, causing widespread reaction. If it’s on a large global scale, such as the recent Las Vegas tragedy, there’s a pause to reflect for about 24 hours. Then the opinions, argument and divisiveness come. Like a boulder rolling down a steep hill. Or train travelling down the track. Pick your own analogy. The… Read more »

Short Bursts

Here are some short bursts, or in this case, the seven tips that will change your capacity to lead forever. Echo chamber drum roll, please. 1.) Community trumps content, or so say the technology sages. Trumps has a little ‘t’ in this reference, btw. Here’s what we do know: There’s way more content now than community, and most… Read more »

Zero perspectivers meet the Four Freedoms

Zero perspectivers (Noun) — Those who choose to complain, whine and criticize incessantly about how these are “trying times,” or other references to the current state of public affairs. Generally found on social media and/or protests wearing dark sunglasses during media interviews in major cities.The annual Fourth of July holiday represents an opportunity to relax, take stock… Read more »

Seven ways to achieve five-star social media rating (if ratings existed)

I have to confess a net neutral attitude with social media. Here’s what that means: While the whole world is using social media, return on investment has been neither through the roof nor floor. That equals net neutral. Here are some ways to generate five stars if social media had a rating system similar to the ride sharing services, Uber… Read more »

Lose the Trump obsession

While the contents of this post are political, the intent is apolitical. What does that mean? No axes to grind, no sides left to choose. Only observations that hopefully will lead to better perspective. So others in leadership positions can consider for their own usage.Lose the Trump obsession refers to the pile-on now going on in the political/media… Read more »

Now what? Considerations for everyday leaders.

Courtesy: Unknown No upside in PC war. Political correctness is dead, long live PC. Cultural war chests are being reloaded at unprecedented levels. Avoid at all costs; there is zero upside in the public square. Just don’t forget the value of sharing views with those who you care about, especially in this highly divisive climate. Here’s a great quote from… Read more »

Funniest all-time comment on career change

So the current key to effective branding, according to 2.0 content masters, is unique story telling that communicates key differentiators, or what sets you apart. Not all of us have clear differentiators, but that’s beside the point. It’s always entertaining to read this type of language because it’s been around since, well, Henry Ford and the Model T Ford…. Read more »

Complimentary late summer reading

August now marks the late peak of summer vacation season, which means everyone has already picked out their favorite popular title from the Amazon Kindle rack. Or whatever they’re calling the container these days. Credit: Let us be clear: This is not a best reads book list. It’s a short burst listing of relevant… Read more »

‘No such thing as bad PR’

Sometimes you see things first-hand, or reported live, that provide pause. Especially when life is a little less crazy than normal. Mayor Kasim Reed’s recent outburst on WSB-TV, Channel 2 in Atlanta represented one of those moments. So naturally, we sought perspective about the event from the point of view of what’s happening in the public square called political… Read more »

What’s your pain point?

Pain point (noun, definition): When the pain exceeds the point when you can do anything about it, or when you perceive you can’t do anything about what’s causing the pain. Example: Patient A has a pain point, and after exhausting over the counter remedies, calls the doctor for a prescription. In business, pain can take several… Read more »