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Pulte Homes looks for a new CEO — and doesn’t find one

At least not yet. Fundamental to any succession process is having a new leader groomed and ready to go, either from inside or outside, before making change. When that fundamental isn’t present, well, the vacuum starts to make that bad sucking sound. You know the one: When the machine stumbles upon a corner of a… Read more »

POV on leadership: Seven short bursts

Note: This originally appeared as a client e-letter on April 1, 2016   Dear Clients and Colleagues:   Bringing back a previous format for this month’s letter. Here are some short bursts, or in this case, the seven dwarfs of observation and interpretation:     1.) Quit obsessing over Donald Trump. Both directions — to the negative and… Read more »

SEC Primary: Mouths shut, feet up

On a day when everyone is talking, tweeting and posting yet (going out on a limb here) probably not meaningfully connecting with each another, it’s time to review a few leadership truths. Or lessons that seem to have gone missing: 1.) To not have a position is to have a position. Be ready with your own when asked. When Saddam Hussein called… Read more »

Great cartoon (pre-Iowa caucuses)

Courtesy: Economist Magazine (February 2016) It’s comforting to know that a picture is still worth a thousand words, or in this case, 400 characters, via Twitter.

Ode to a Kingmaker

January 6, 2016 (Feast of the Epiphany) Life tributes are normally made at funerals or retirement parties with the latter now completely faded from the landscape. Executives evidently now have plenty of watches to guard time when they ride off into the sunset. This tribute will be made to a figure who announced a long anticipated retirement late last month, yet based on track… Read more »

#Lead it forward: Send it in!

Credit: Pinnacle Performance Champions #Lead it forward will attempt to compile, and then distill and publish, a list of leaders who exemplify paying it forward. Unlike the political realm, where it’s all about serving an agenda, #Lead it forward will attempt to gather examples of those who have paid something forward for someone else or a greater cause…. Read more »

Which came first, the relationship (chicken) or the transaction (egg)?

Kevin CostnerCredit: Conventional business thought when you’re selling a product or service says build relationships based on mutually identified need and the rewards will follow. Call it the Business Field of Dreams Theory. Except instead of  Kevin Costner looking for his Dad in the corn stalks, Warren Buffett shows up with bags of cash. Warren BuffettCredit: DealBreaker What happens now is the transaction ends up defining… Read more »

Labor Day special: Forks vs. pivots

A friend named Dan recently took a new job with a firm based on another continent. While the job is elsewhere, his employer has said that he can still live in Atlanta where he, his wife and two children call home. The job became permanent following a short period of contract-for-hire status, a term to describe… Read more »

Leadership Do’s and Don(u)ts

This post will attempt to reframe the litany of how to be a better leader lists that currently populate the universe. Content is the product of 15+ years of work, observation and engagement with business leaders, which at times, has been pretty revealing. These rules do not really take into account the cast of characters currently… Read more »

What is a new narrative?

Note: This post has been adapted from a monthly e-letter to clients and colleagues.Dear Clients and Colleagues: What is a new narrative? Great question that deserves a better answer. Put simply, narrative is a story. In the context of leadership and career transition, a new narrative often takes the form of a bio (brief biography) that frames where someone has… Read more »