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Rants and Raves

Rant number one goes to dishonesty in the immigration debate, an issue that affects everyone so much that no one can adequately address, much less do anything about. Terms such as “amnesty” and “illegal alien” have been spun out of control. Business leaders would be wise to step up with a stronger voice. But they’re… Read more »

Who are YOU?!?

In deference to the legendary rock band with similar lyrics, the question isn’t, WHO are You? It’s more about that dreaded first impression remark from someone who doesn’t know you: Who are YOU?!? Personal and professional journeys are pre-occupied with trying to instill a sense of who we are, both within ourselves and others. We… Read more »

Extra! Extra!

Sorry, no pithy content here. Just shameless self promotion. If you haven’t already visited the new Point of View, LLC web site, please click here Bookmark and visit often. Send the link to a friend, preferably one that’s an aspiring leader with career and/or business issues. Look for more targeted content that you can… Read more »

Diamonds in the Rough

Pick up any business publication, and you’ll be treated to corporate leaders doing great (or bad) works. Some come out better than others. The business press loves to fawn over whoever is in vogue or next in line. But what about the emerging class, or digging deeper, next generation leaders? Sorry Fortune, execs. right next… Read more »

New Year’s Blah-blah

Anyone had enough of New Year’s resolutions yet? Here’s one that every executive-level leader should observe: Throw everything out (within reason) and start over. Another calendar year means an entirely new set of possibilities, challenges and successes/failures. The job or task at hand may remain the same, but chances are the external and internal environments… Read more »

Trends and Truths

Executive leadership implications abound within the following post. Since readers are accomplished, intelligent minds, we’ll let you decide how each “trend and truth” applies to your situation. Mammon vs. Chicken Little — “Stay alive until ’05,” a phrase coined during the last recession, will give way to “Let’s get rich in ’06.” Judging from what… Read more »

Leaders & Laggards

“Leaders & Laggards” is a periodic series that examines the best and worst of business leadership. Leaders:Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google. The newly public company wants to offer more access to published works using its famous Internet search technology. Schmidt publicly defended the company’s motives in a Wall Street Journal Op-ed (“Books of Revelation,” October 18),… Read more »

Leadership and Pornography

The head of executive coaching at a renowned leadership development center recently conveyed: “Leadership is a lot like pornography — you just know it when you see it.” Ok, 10 points for honesty. However, this experience and other recent ones have shed light on an unfortunate truth: Leadership is often left to subjective opinion of… Read more »

Be Who You Are

A refrain from executives struggling with leadership issues has become all too common: “This position isn’t connecting my personal and business purpose. In fact, it’s doing quite the opposite.” Self-reflection can be felt everywhere, which is probably typical during summer when business activity slows, and executives have too much extra time on their hands. However,… Read more »

In Position to Win

Watching the U.S. Open unfold recently first-hand, my mind couldn’t help but race to leadership, brand, etc. It had nothing to do with Donald Trump, although he was strangely just another face in the crowd during the first round. Nor did it have much to do with Tiger Woods’ golf ball, which, on an errant… Read more »