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What is my Solstice?

The Summer Solstice officially begins at 2:46 A.M., EDT on Tuesday, June 21. Solstice comes from the Latin — sol, sun; sistit, stands. Several days before and after the longest day of the year, the sun appears to stand still in the sky. So what, you may ask? If the sun unceasingly commits itself to… Read more »

Leaders & Laggards

“Leaders & Laggards” is a periodic series that examines individual corporate leaders who have used strong views and values to impact positive action versus those whom have not. Leaders:Tom Chapman, Chairman & CEO, Equifax. In a bold Old School Strikes Back move, Chapman and his PR team penned a piece on identity theft for The… Read more »

Why Mission Statements Fall Short

Blogger’s Note: Column previously published in James Magazine Someone needs to tell Alpharetta-based ChoicePoint that it’s time for a new mission statement. “To be the most admired information company worldwide” rings hollow considering their current challenges with identity theft. At least they didn’t use “trusted” in place of ‘admired.’ Ok, sorry. Rather than beat up… Read more »

Ego vs. Conscience

It’s tempting to over-simplify what we read, see and hear every day. So we’ll try not to. Any discerning leader, however, could gain a lot by viewing their experiences through ego vs. conscience, both personally and existentially. In “The Eighth Habit,” Stephen Covey makes clear distinctions between the two terms: Ego focuses on one’s own… Read more »

Leaders & Laggards

“Leaders & Laggards” will examine individuals who have used strong views and values to impact positive action versus those who have not. Leaders:Charles Prince, Chairman & CEO, Citigroup. Prince has guided the poster child for Wall Street malfeasance back to respectability through both words and actions. His commitment to ethics via a five-point plan called,… Read more »

Single Points of Failure

While the how to be more successful, self-help movement rages on, is anyone interested in the other side of the story? Failure is a topic that no one likes to acknowledge directly. And for good reason. It’s painful, depressing and debilitating at times. Rather than harp on the obvious, however, here is another way of… Read more »

Listening to Create Loyalty

Simple conclusion, right? Not so fast. Everything that we do, every device that we rely on to do our work (computer, phone, email, Blackberry, etc.), in short, nearly everything in our daily path moves us farther away from listening. Speaking in extreme terms, our entire lives now seem set up not to listen to each… Read more »

You’re No Donald Trump

“This isn’t personal. It’s just business.” Those words still ring in my head following a tough budget negotiation in September. Unfortunately that’s standard procedure for some. If you fall in this category or have found yourself saying similar words recently, here’s an insight: You’re no Donald Trump. Business is as much a personal, emotive statement… Read more »

Reputation Matters

In the 10th annual Reputation Quotient Study published in Monday’s WSJ, readers can find obvious findings. Then come the not so obvious and what no one ever studies closely enough — how personal reptutation can either transcend or destroy a company’s standing. Case in point. This year’s biggest loser, Disney, went from fourth last… Read more »

“He’s One of Us”

Sometimes there’s brilliance in simplicity. “He’s One of Us” explains the re-election of George W. Bush as well as anything else. Character attributes — leadership, conviction and faith — created a wave of support that carried Bush past Kerry, who in the end, suffered from a lack of consistency and perceived personal warmth. What do… Read more »