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And the next President is…

Actually, we don’t know yet. It may take awhile to determine the winner. As you watch votes flow in, here are some point-of-view (lower case) overtones to consider: If Bush wins, he’ll be able to point back to the War on Terrorism as his “One Big Thing” that got him through a close race. It’s… Read more »

Why Disney Won’t Get What it Needs

So Disney needs a new chief executive officer. No big news there. Realistically, will they be able to attract what they really need? Not likely. Here’s why: 1.) The same company built on the reputation of one man, Walt Disney, now resembles the reputation of a hundred convicts. Just as it took nearly 20 years… Read more »

To Be An Oracle

The Point of View (POV) of the week goes to Deval Patrick, the coming and/or going? General Counsel of The Coca-Cola Company. In a rare, off the corporate text moment, Patrick addressed a crowd of Atlanta leaders earlier today with some of the most pointed remarks you’ll ever hear from a corporate executive. Particularly one… Read more »

Top 10 Ways How NOT to Create Value

1.) Be all things to all people. Obvious, right? Well, look around. You’ll find at least three to four entities guilty of this practice everyday. 2.) Allow the market to determine your pricing. Markets may set parameters, but you’re the only one who determines the final level. 3.) Give away services for free. 4.) Related:… Read more »

When You’re Number Two

Chief Operating Officers and other c-suite subordinates, take note. Tuesday’s vice presidential debate will show the importance of serving the team, while at the same time, how to use your own views and values to create differentiation. Vice President Dick Cheney is the consummate number two role player, but don’t let appearances fool you. He… Read more »

Ultimate Job Interview

Thursday’s presidential debate represents the ultimate job interview. Two candidates vying for Leader of the Free World will square off and share their views on foreign policy. That’s pretty heady stuff. What if…you had to debate directly for your next job or major business opportunity? Would the potential high stakes make you stronger, sharper and… Read more »