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From the Front Lines

1.) New rules of engagement are emerging but no one can fully define them. Much of the movement is being driven by the dizzying array of media used to screen and profile potential subjects of any kind. On-line has now replaced off line for impression gathering. To the degree that on-line profiles reveal something valuable then by all means respect the… Read more »

Is it a new season?

Note: Following first appeared as a client letter on August 29th. Dear Clients and Colleagues: Wedged in between historical events this week and the coming Labor Day holiday lies a question that’s worth asking: Is it a new season? How do I (or would I) know? The obvious answer is Yes, of course it’s a… Read more »

Wisdom of Robert Ritchie

Editor’s note: Following first appeared as a client e-letter on July 31, 2013. Dear Clients and Colleagues: Every now and then something will fall out of the sky and strike yours truly in the head. Some might call similar experiences A-Ha moments. What you’re about to read is one of those moments. For the esteemed… Read more »

Where have you gone, Bob Nardelli?

Recent headlines about increases in CEO pay and entrenched, never changing boards — see raise an interesting question: Do things that happen on a large leadership scale, either bad or good, ever change anything? The obvious answer is yes. The larger answer is the more things change, the more things adapt in self interest… Read more »

Executive Search#: Growing, declining or staying the same?

What does a industry do when it doesn’t know the answer to its own questions? It puts out reports like the ones that surfaced earlier this week from HSZ Media, and related report from the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC.) According to HSZ run by Christopher Hunt and Scott Scanlon, executive search is growing in North America but declining globally. The AESC… Read more »

#Final Four/Pitino: “Life is cyclical”

It’s hard not to pay attention when Rick “Fellowship of the Miserable” Pitino speaks up on national TV. Here’s a guy who has had it all and also has had it all come crushing down. Pitino is not a statesman on par with say Coach K at Duke or the late John Wooden at UCLA, and he doesn’t have… Read more »

Hash — don’t rehash

Note: This is a monthly letter originally distributed to clients and colleagues. March 27, 2013Dear Clients and Colleagues: Now that a new Pope has been chosen, it’s time to return to leadership life as we know it. There’s only one slight catch: Nothing is new or normal anymore. Except for stuff on-line, which seems to… Read more »

Executive Search: The disrupted vs. the disrupters

Today’s 4Q earnings/2012 report by Heidrick & Struggles reveals what’s been known for quite some time: Executive search is on a downward path — or spiral if you prefer dramatic effect. What remains to be seen is where this downward trajectory eventually lands. The executive search industry now comprises two groups: The disrupted or large publicly held firms… Read more »

Dell: Great deal, bad memo form

The Wall Street Journal served up a treat today by posting the Michael Dell deal announcement memo: Read the first line…”this is a great deal for me and…” Aside from the obvious emphasis on self, more felicitous grammarians would instruct putting ‘me’ after the other party, which in this case was private equity firm, Silver Lake. But… Read more »

No risk, no reward beyond norm

Editor’s Note: This is a client letter originally distributed earlier this month. January 15, 2013 Dear Clients and Colleagues: By now Christmas is a distant memory, resolutions are either taking hold or fading and the fiscal cliff has been averted. At least for the time being or until the country’s so called leaders re-introduce the next… Read more »